Joerg Hacker


Prof. Joerg Hacker - MWP chief scientist

  • born in 1949, Germany
  • from Adelaide/Australia,
  • Study of Meteorology at the University of Bonn,
  • Director of Airborne Research Australia (ARA),
  • operating by ARA the high altitude aircraft G520T- Egrett,
  • glider pilot since 1965 (Flugsportgruppe Heinkel, Akaflieg Koeln, Adelaide Soaring Club),
  • PPL-A, more as 4.000 hrs, 2.500 hrs. for scientifc flights,
  • two OSTIV-Diplomas for a paper presented at: XVII. OSTIV Congress 1981 & XXI. OSTIV Congress 1991,
  • MWP- responsible for measurements and instrumentation.

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    Rene Heise

    Rene Heise - MWP director

  • born in 1965, Germany
  • from Berlin/Germany,
  • Study of Physics and Meteorology at the Humboldt-University of Berlin,
  • Atmospheric Physicist, Staff Officer GAF, Head of GEO/METOC/SpaceWX - sections,
  • 1979 beginning flight training on Hugo Junkers Airfield in Dessau,
  • Privat Pilot Licence (PPL-C ) with acrobatic flight rating,
  • competition pilot on regional/national/ international championships (i.e. German Nationals, Berlin International, Russian Nationals, National Air France),
  • team captain of the National Team on the Military World Gliding Championships ( Rieti 2003, 2004),
  • advisor of the German National Team (World Gliding Championships-WGC/EGC1996-2002, 2008, 2012, 2017),
  • Board-member and Vice-President of European Air Sports (EAS),
  • Executive Board and Vice-President German Air Sport Federation - German Aero Club (DAeC) and Vice-President of the Aviation
  • Society of Berlin (2001-2017),
  • protagonist and advisor of numerous GEO TV- features (Arte, ORB/RBB, MDR, 3sat, N24,...),
  • awarded with the Media Award of the European Meteorological Society (EMS),
  • i.a. scientific lectures - IY of Planet Earth Leipzig, International Aerospace Exhibition Berlin (ILA 2008), National Center of Atmospheric Research Boulder,    US Air  Force Academy Colorado Springs, NASA Dryden Research Center Edwards, OSTIV-Congress St.Auban (FRA) , Mafikeng (ZAF), Uvalde (USA), Benalla (AUS), AGU Chapman Conference on Atmospheric  Gravity Waves and Their Effects on General Circulation and Climate, Honolulu, 82nd Annual Scientific Meeting Aerospace Medical  Association, Anchorage
  • MWP- head of expeditions (Andes, Himalaya), additional responsible for project co-ordination, route optimisation for record attempts and data evaluation + visualization, development of turbulence forecast tools for aviation

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    Klaus Ohlmann

    Klaus Ohlmann - MWP chief pilot

  • born in 1952, Germany
  • from Serres/France,
  • Dentist,
  • runs his own soaring operation Quo Vadis in Serres/France, specialist in mountain and wave flying
  • Privat Pilote Licence (PPL-C) since 1974, ca. 25.000 flight hours,
  • winner of several national and international championships (National and European Champion),
  • record holder of numerous National and World Records (12/2009 more as 40 world records!)
  • record holder 3.008 km - world's longest ever glider flight;
  • outstanding flights up to Fireland ,
  • Winner of the Kuettner 2000km Price and Trophy (OSTIV-Award),
  • FAI Lilienthal Medal (2002)
  • DGLR Lilienthal Medal (2017)
  • MWP - responsible for flight operations as well as main player in record attempts.

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    MWP - extended logistical team (support)