MWP - exhibition area at Museum of Technology in Berlin


Deutsches Technikmuseum (Museum of Technology)


The Deutsches Technikmuseum, founded in 1982, stands in a long tradition of scientific and technical collections. Many of these had their home in Berlin for more than 120 years, and some of these collections have been taken over by the Deutsches Technikmuseum. A great deal, however, was destroyed during the Second World War, or moved elsewhere.

Close to Potsdamer Platz, the museum occupies a historical industrial site dating back to 1874:
the site of the former goods yard of Anhalter Güterbahnhof.
The large museum park – containing two windmills, a water mill, a smithy and a brewery – is also an oasis of green.

The contemporary architecture of the new extension for the aviation and maritime collections fits perfectly into these surroundings to form a fascinating ensemble. The “raisin bomber” suspended from the façade makes the extension a prominent urban landmark. (source: official DTM website)



Exhibition Windstärken - MWP exhibition area  " Adventures on the Wind "

(26 Oct 2011 - 28 Febr 2013)




Video Simulation of mountain waves and airborne measurements over the Andes. The MWP-Glider with BATprobe hanging beyond the ceiling



Exploration of wind systems and turbulence over mountain areas with the research Aircraft Stemme S10 VT